Love triangle at Prison Staff quarters leaves Mwingi woman dead

Joyce Mwende Ngui, the woman killed by a prison warder attached to Waita GK prison

The woman shot dead by a prison warder at the Waita GK Prion in Mwingi, Kitui had divorced another officer at the same prison, months before moving in to stay with her suspected killer.

Joyce Mwende Ngui had lived at the Waita prison quarters with Constable David Nduati Kimani, the father of her one year old baby for only six months, who shot her dead, after divorcing her first husband.

Investigators are puzzled at how Ms Ngui managed to break up with prison warder and not only went on to marry his colleague but also began staying with her new husband at the same prison staff quarters.

Preliminary investigations by police have established that the woman broke up with another prison officer in December last year before marrying Constable David Nduati Kimani who turned his gun against her and one year old kid.

According to Mwingi Central Sub County Police Commander Nicholas Mutua, the woman was in a “come we stay” relationship with her suspected killer, after divorcing the first husband who is also a prison officer at the same facility.

The mother of two who hails from a village neighboring the Waita prison some 20 kilometers from Mwingi town was initially a common visitor at the prison where officers would engage her to do their laundry.

“She was doing casual jobs including laundry for various officers before moving in to stay with her first husband but we’ve gathered they divorced and she married the second husband who killed her last evening” Mr Mutua said.

Joyce Mwende with her one year old son, who was also shot deadHe added: “The suspect has been arrested and placed in custody, but our officers are still interviewing witnesses to establish the history of the slain woman and verify reports that she was initially married to a colleague of the officer who killed her” said Mr Mutua.

The woman’s first child, a six year old Grade one pupil escaped the attack by hiding under the bed as her 30 year old mother was gunned down.

After a domestic disagreement, the prison officer is said to have shot his wife of six months four times and the son Raji two times killing both of them instantly.

The 7:30pm incident caused panic within the prison with senior officers at first thinking there was a jail break attempt.

The night duty officer at the prison Sergeant Bernard Mutisya reported the shooting incident which happened as he and other two officers were organizing prisoners to prepare their following day’s breakfast.

“The duty officer ordered the guard commander to confirm whether all officers were at their respective watch towers, and found the suspected killer David Nduati who had been assigned to man Watch Tower 2, was absent from his place of duty, where he had reported at 6:00pm” read a Police Occurrence Book (OB) report seen by Facing East

Moments later, the suspect surrendered his G3 Rifle to the officers manning the main gate and confessed to having killed a person in his house.

Senior prison officers visited the crime scene and found Ms Ngui and her son lying dead in a pool of blood. Six spent cartridges were collected in the house.

The officer was promptly arrested as he tried to escape into the darkness, and detained before being handed over to DCI detectives from Mwingi who visited later in the night.



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