Twendi Twendi hitmaker Justina Syokau incurs Sh2 million medical bill

Gospel artist Justina Syokau being comforted by Rev Lucy Natasha

Justina Syokau, the gospel artiste known for the hit song Twendi Twendi (2020) is seeking financial help to offset a Sh2 million medical bill.

The mother of one hit the airwaves after releasing the song that mimics the Kamba accent and dancing style. Syokau has been off the mic following an ailment which she said began in January 2021 after misdiagnosis and consequent wrong prescriptions which deteriorated her health.

“I started being sick in mid-January. When I went for checkup, the doctor said I had pneumonia. I was given medication but after four days my eyes turned yellowish, my urine also changed,” she said.

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The singer, the third born in a family of five, said she went back to the hospital for another checkup.

“The doctor told me that my liver was damaged and requested me to return the medication I was using. They found out that I was given the wrong medication.”

She was admitted in hospital and after two days transferred to the Intensive Care Unit.

“My body was shutting down. I was treated and discharged. I visit the hospital from time to time for checkup,” she said.

Syokau said the wrong medication damaged her skin, her friends took off thinking her disease was contagious.

“I feel depressed as the disease has made me fear people. I’ve lost friends….,” she said.

Before she got sick, Syokau said she was making anything between Sh300,000-Sh500,000 per event. She would rake in Sh3 million in six months or Sh6 million per year from advertisements.

Following her illness, Syokua has now sold household items to settle medical bills, leaving her broke.

“I am literally a beggar now. I have sold house property to try to settle the medical bill but it has been impossible for me. The medical bill is huge. I have exhausted every single cent I had. I am seeking financial help to settle the bill,” she told Facing East adding that she has paid Sh2.7 million out of the total medical bill Sh4.7 million shillings.

Meanwhile, the artiste who got married at 21 years claims that she has not dated since her divorce. They share a baby boy with her ex-husband.

Despite the challenges, the singer is grateful for her son and her house-help who have remained with her.

“My music manager vanished and stopped communicating with me. The other family members have run away from me apart from my son and my house-help,” said the single mom who shares a Sh15,000 house in Tena with her small family.

Her foundation dubbed Justina Hope Initiative, launched in December 2020, has also been affected by her sickness.

“My charity work is on but I am facing difficulties. I’m low on finances. I am seeking partners and supporters to come to my aid. My charity is about giving back to the community,” she said.

Syokau said her charity had so far benefitted more than 92,000 girls in Nairobi through donation of sanitary pads.

“I understand what girls go through. I have come to their rescue through my initiative by giving them sanitary pads so that they don’t drop out of school. This initiative will also save the girl child from early pregnancies,” he said.

After parting ways with her husband eight years ago Syokua started looking for wealthy, friendly, accommodating man in 2020.  All that has changed.

“Love is a good thing. I was disappointed and I have decided to make myself a better person as I focus on my music. For now, I am not looking for a man as I had declared before,” she told Facing East

A dermatologist diagnosed Syokua’s skin condition as Staphylococcus aureus, a bacteria caused by toxins in the blood brought by reaction to medication.


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